Peat NI

19th September 2014

Preparing for independent living

This study shows the progress of a young man with an acquired brain injury following a programme to target his independent living skills.

John is a young man who, following a brain injury as a child was referred to PEAT in order to help improve his life skills for eventual independent living. PEAT conducted an interview with John and established the skills that he would need to achieve this goal. A programme was implemented that would teach him all of the pre-requisite skills such as food management and cooking skills, emergency and safety skills, money management and general household maintenance. PEAT worked weekly with John in his current home in order to teach these skills and while incorporating an element of self-management also. John, when he became proficient in the targeted skills was to implement them in between visits from PEAT e.g. he was to make a cooked meal at least twice per week (initially this was a skill that that John did not have), change his bed linen and iron his clothes. This programme has continued with great success with John now attending college and working twice a week in a café.

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