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What is Simple Steps

Simple Steps is a Multi Media Tutorial available for ABA and Autism worldwide.

The aim of Simple Steps is to help parents/professionals better understand autism, an individual’s behaviour and how behaviour can be changed through the application of the principles and procedures of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

An important goal of PEAT is to correctly inform parents of children with autism about ABA, in order that they can make informed choices to help their children.  Simple Steps goes a long way to help fulfil that aim.

Simple Steps includes:

  • Parents’ Stories – This section is invaluable to parents, particularly those new to ABA or whose children may have recently received a diagnosis.
  • Information on Assessment and Diagnosis – Includes interviews from international experts in the field of ABA and Autism, highlighting extremely important facts.
  • ABA Training: - Understanding behaviour, measuring behaviour, increasing behaviour, decreasing behaviour and implementing a programme.
  • Resources
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Originally produced by parents and professionals involved with PEAT in 2007, with funding from BBC Children in Need and The Big Lottery Fund, Simple Steps is an introductory tutorial in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Simple Steps was created for parents of children/ young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as those working with children/young people with an ASD.

The aim of the PEAT group in developing this product was to provide parents and professionals with information about autism and ABA, to empower them to begin understanding and helping children with autism.  1500 free copies of the original version were distributed to parents and professionals across the province of Northern Ireland.

Simple Steps was further developed from the original version working alongside professionals from both the University of Ulster, the Queen's University of Belfast and other European Universities.  Funding from the Leonardo Davinci Fund allowed Simple Steps to be developed online and be translated into German, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish, Icelandic and Dutch.

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More about Simple Steps

Simple Steps does not claim to or set out to train someone to begin to competently use the principles of ABA to help change the behaviour of their child.

Simple Steps clearly explains the philosophy and science behind ABA and many of the fundamental principles and procedures employed in an ABA programme.  It helps clarify principles by showing their application with children of different ages and abilities in different learning environments.  Learning what reinforcement is, what extinction is and how inconsistent use of either can exacerbate problem behaviours is essential knowledge for parents of children with autism and professional working with children with autism to begin interacting differently with the child on a day to day basis.

An extremely important aspect of Simple Steps is that the development of this tool was by parents and professionals serving as a reminder to all families affected by autism that they themselves can, with training and support, become effective educators, and that they are not alone is striving for provision that ensures optimal quality of life for their children with autism.

Simple Steps is well structured and well presented.  Modules are concise yet informative and most of the key principles involved in using ABA as a framework to teach children with autism are introduced.

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