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One to one support

PEAT can provide individual intervention for children and young people with ASD (or suspected) who are facing some sort of disengagement or exclusion from their education.

This one to one support would be provided by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who can work across both the home and school environments for consistency providing recommendations and strategies for parents, teachers, teaching assistants, home tutors and education welfare.

In this instance the Behaviour Analyst will address the needs of the child/young person looking at the behaviour, when and why the behaviour (s) occurs and effective intervention for positive behaviour change and support.

This support is not time-limited.

For more information contact PEAT

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Social Skills Programmes

Social Skills are a major stumbling block for individuals with autism. Social Skills require specialised intervention by trained professionals who know what to target, when to target and how to reinforce.

PEAT Social Skills groups use the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to increase skills such as

  • Conversation skills
  • Cooperative play
  • Turn taking and sharing
  • Understanding and expression emotions (including anger management)
  • Participating in groups

At the beginning of each programme block a brief assessment is conducted by one of our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts to determine each child's social skill level. From this assessment individualised goals are developed.

At the end of each programme feedback, recommendations and strategies are provided to further develop social skills in all environments.

Social Skills programmes are open to schools and other groups.

For more information contact PEAT

Call : 028 9032 4882
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Training for Schools

PEAT professionally credentialed Behaviour Analysts are available to provide in house training to schools and other organisations for autism and behaviour management.

Training by PEAT professionals is ideal for teachers and support staff. All courses provide practical examples of real life situations and behaviours that may manifest in school.

  • Understanding Autism
  • Autism in the classroom
  • Behaviour Management Strategeis for the classroom
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Transitions in the Educational Environment
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

For more information contact PEAT.

Call : 028 9032 4882
Email :

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LifePal App for Young People

This app is part of a project, funded by The Big Lottery Fund Northern Ireland, to support young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Created by SERG at Ulster University, under the direction of PEAT and collaborating partners at Ulster University and Queen’s University Belfast.

Virtual Buddy: This app is designed for the teenage market to help increase independent life skills, other skills such as academics and will help problem solve with a built-in 'help' feature. This app provides a gamification aspect with users having to complete all task sections in order to 'unlock' the prize or the next level.

This app is supported via a dedicated web portal that can be accessed here:

Note: Registration and authorised access to the App and Web Portal can be arranged on an individual basis by contacting PEAT - or telephone 0044 (0) 28 9032 4482.

Key app features include:
- Life-logging of emotions and behaviour 
- Daily prompting and reminders to complete specific tasks
- Task management and completion via parent validation
- Rewards system, where users gain stars for completing tasks. These stars can be cashed in for personalised rewards (as set by the parent)
- Individual log in for the child and associated web portal login for the parent
- Emergency priority calling
- Location geofencing and alerting
- A personalised 'Get me home' feature, where parents can get notified if their child is lost
- NFC validation of tasks where the parent uses a personalised NFC card to scan the phone and reward the child.

Behaviour Monitoring Tool: This app maked it easier for professionals and parents to directly record occurrences of behaviour that may be preventing inclusivity either at home or in school. The clean, drop-down menus can make recording data easy to do while providing vital information for the behaviour analyst. Data is uploaded to a server which can then be analysed. 

To access the LifePal app through the Google Play Store follow the link. Compatible with Android.

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