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Parental training and involvement are the key elements of PEAT.

By knowing how, parents can help their children maximise their potential, with the objective of helping them participate in the mainstream education system and wider community and going on to lead independent adult lives.  Parents are the most consistent people in their children’s lives.

Home Programme.

Our home programme service offers individualised programmes based on the application of the principles and procedures of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  These home programmes are designed around your child’s individual needs in the areas of:

  • Expressive Communication, Academic Skills, Play Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Receptive Communication, Self-Management Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills and other skills that are relevant to an individual.     

Common areas that parents report difficulties and need to be addressed are: eating, sleeping, toileting, social skills, self-help skills and challenging or inappropriate behaviour.

ABA can address any issue of behaviour with all populations across all environments.

  • A home programme through PEAT will be supervised by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
  • Sessions are two hours in length, once per month, unless a more intensive programme is required.
  • All sessions take place in the family home with the child present.
  • Parents may wish to employ therapists/tutors to help support/implement their child’s programme.
  • PEAT can provide support to parents who require therapists/volunteers to help them.
  • Families will receive 6 monthly reports to outline progress.
  • PEAT offers a range of assessments that can be carried out with your child.  A report will be issued by the Behaviour Analyst who will explain the findings and discuss how these can be applied to your child’s home programme.

Toilet Training

For parents finding it difficult to successfully toilet train their children with autism and/or typically developing children PEAT can provide Behaviour Analysts to implement a ‘toileting programme’ to do so.

Appropriately qualified Behaviour Analysts will use the application of the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to successfully toilet train your child.

Toileting programmes are individualised for each child based on the child’s circumstances, age, ability, likes/dislikes, etc.

Typically for 2-5 days a Behaviour Analyst will work in your home setting with your child to successfully toilet train as well as showing you exactly how to carry on and implement strategies to maintain consistency with your child and generalise their new skill.


Tele-consultation can be arranged with our Behaviour Analysts through Skype as an alternative for a home visit if it is not appropriate at any given time, for example, there is a contagious sickness in the family home and a home visit cannot take place.

Family Days

Monthly parent training sessions alongside social skills and supervised play for children with autism and their siblings.

Parent Training 

​PEAT provides a range of training workshops targeted at parents/carers to help build their knowledge about ABA and Autism and provide strategies that will support them.

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What Parents Say

PEAT has provided help, comfort and reassurance to thousands of local parents, families and carers who have benefitted from PEAT services.

At PEAT we help families understand and manage the behaviour of individuals with autism through the science of behaviour. Here is what some parents and carers had to say about PEAT and its services.

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Thank you PEAT for the amazing work you carry out on a daily basis, it is very much appreciated.

– PEAT Parent

PEAT have offered our family a light that we never knew existed, we need to make sure it remains!

– Family of child with autism

This was undoubtedly the most individualised/child centred programme that has led to the one of great successes for my son.

– Parent of child with autism